Designing is something that you are supposed to ideally be able to do with a free hand but this is not always the case. Sometimes we have to make do with the limited space that we have. When it comes to designing small spaces there are certain ways of getting about it to achieve the most out of what you have. It differs from the purpose of the space though. That is to say you would design a bedroom in one way and a bathroom in a different fashion although the underlying principle may be the same. If you look up online you will find that there are so many various wayin which you can do this, through the course of this article for you to get an idea on the subject I shall share with you a few examples that I found online that maybe useful.

Let us start with the living room and dining room as for most people living in small houses and apartments these two spaces are one and the same. There is no need for you to have a separate media area. The best thing would be to mount the TV on the wall or over the fire place. This way you would have space to put in a good sofa. When it comes to the dining area also you should opt for a smaller round table rather than the long dinner table that ends up taking so much of space. Unless of course you entertain guests all the time and you would like the extra sitting space. Next we have the bathroom. Rather than having a cubicle that takes up space you should opt for glass shower screens Brisbane.

These are very handy as they make your bathroom look nice rather than having a shower curtain but it doesn’t end up taking that much of space either. They come in different designs as well. If you want to go for a very modern look then you can opt for frameless glass shower screens. When it comes to the kitchen it is always good to have cupboards and such but try not to overdo it. Having mirrors on the cupboard doors might also be a nifty idea of making you feel as if there is a lot more space than there appears to be.

Even when it comes to your bedroom use every space that you have available. If you want a desk to work on incorporate it into the wall cupboards that you have to store clothes in your room. It might also be a nice idea to have designated areas for different items, for an example a separate demarked area for shoes. When you have limited space available being neat is very important. The moment there is a clutter the space that you have becomes even more smaller. If you want more ideas just do some google research, you will find that there are plenty of innovative ideas online.